As Christians, we often lack balance.  We are either busy doing many things, or not busy doing anything.  Balance is the key.  Christ said ONE (and only one) is NEEDFUL.  Our focus for 2019 then, as a church, is to find that “one thing” God wants each of us to do.  Our prayer is that every member of our church family will find that one thing God has enabled them to do.  And together God will use us to reach Whangarei for Christ. Pastor preached a series from Romans 12:1-8 on spiritual gifts challenging us to find our “one thing.” These sermons are listed below.

Responsibility to Surrender Rom 12:1

Renovation of Surrender Rom 12:2

Role in Surrender Rom 12:3-5

Reality of Surrender 1Cor 2:14 – 3:3

Roles to Serve -Prophecy Rom 12:6

Roles to Serve -Serving Rom 12:7

Roles to Serve -Teaching and Exhorting Rom 12:7, 8

Roles to Serve -Mercy Rom 12:8