Pastor David Smith and his wife, Amy

Pastor David Smith is from King, North Carolina in the United States.  David received Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour as a young man at the age of eight.  Shortly after getting saved God called David to preach and burdened his heart to share the Gospel with the people of New Zealand.  After university, David completed his formal Bible training.  While completing his Bible training, he met his wife, Amy.  

After completing his Bible training David served in various ministries in the States.  During this time he and Amy made two survey trips to New Zealand to pursue ministering here.  In January 2014, Calvary Baptist Church, called David to be their pastor, and he accepted their call.

 Amy is from Marshalltown, Iowa in the United States.  Amy realised her need for a Saviour one Sunday morning when she was nine years old. One of her Sunday school teachers took her to a side room and helped her receive Christ. She was baptised when she was thirteen along with her Mum and brother who had both recently trusted Christ.  David and Amy met while receiving their ministry training at Ambassador Baptist College.  They were married in December 2000.  

David and Amy have five children.  Despite being told they were not physically able to have children, the Lord answered their prayers to be parents in 2006 with the birth of their twin girls, Elizabeth and Abigail.  Eighteen months later, their son, Andrew was born, and Maryann was born 1st September 2011.  Their youngest daughter, Sarah Hoana, was born 5th April 2018.   The Smith’s consider each of their children a testimony of God’s miracle working power.