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Jason and Shirley Birkin


















Prayer Requests


1. Please thank the Lord for the safety and protection He has provided for us and the believers over these past weeks, allowing us to live again in the main village. 


2. Please pray for the young families that we are focusing our time on in regards to discipleship and training in ministry that they will continue to grow in their love for the Lord and each other.


3. Please continue to pray for the NTMA pilots as they seek the Lord for setting up the new flight program and trust Him for the needs of land to build a hanger and getting the aircraft through customs. Pray for them as they fly through difficult areas and support the believers in isolated areas.


4. Pray for us as we continue to get Deuteronomy ready for our translation consultant to check and as we do the final reading check on Genesis.


5. Pray for wisdom as we work with the believers planning on community development projects.


6. Pray for the outreaches and for the missionaries and those doing literacy work.


7. Give thanks to the Lord for His wonderful enabling for the ladies Naymayit, Naybuligan, Naytampuwan as they have delivered a number of babies recently including two breach babies.