August 16th, 2016 our church celebrated it’s 41st anniversary.  Below is a video, celebrating all God has done in that time.

Church History 

In 1974 there was a small group of Christians who came out of various churches because of errant and modernistic teaching in the local churches.

The group began to meet in the home of Loxley Jensen, and consisted of his family, Mr. Ian Cutforth’s family and the Moffat family.  The Rev. Lauren McAlister was asked to preside over the meetings.  He travelled from Auckland once a fortnight for meetings and the group used tapes on Sundays.  These meetings continued for at least 14 months.

The Rev. David Moody was contacted in Christchurch in view of starting a church here, and he came to Whangarei in June 1975.  He then shifted to Whangarei in the last week of July, 1975.  The first service was held on 3rd August, 1975 in the Silver Band Hall.  The first baptismal service was held on 8th January, 1976; Brian and Julie Cutforth, and Julie and Louise Jensen were baptised.  The second baptismal service was on 9th June, 1976 when Terry Jensen, Garry and Margaret Jensen, Sheryl Cutforth and John Birkin were baptised.

On 21st May 1976 the Church was officially organised with the following members:

  • Rev. David Moody
  • Mary L. Moody
  • Mark J. Moody
  • Jocelyn C. Jensen
  • Loxley Jensen
  • Timothy P. Moody 
  • Julie A. Jensen
  • Louise C. Jensen
  • Dora Cutforth
  • Ian Cutforth
  • Brian S. Cutforth 
  • Juilie Cutforth 
  • Margaret P. Jensen
  • Garry C.K. Jensen 
  • Terry C. Jensen 
  • Kathleen Jensen 
  • John Birkin 
  • Sheryl Cutforth
  • D.D. Birkin
  • E.A. Birkin

For a period of time the church rented the Assembly of God building.  They moved to the Raumanga Intermediate School Hall in February, 1976.

Pastor Moody resigned to return to missionary work in the Philippines in August, 1976.  The Church then called Pastor Young, who accepted the call to Whangarei.  Pastor Young was preaching for Pastor McAlister in East Tamaki, at the time of his calling.   At first, he came up once a month for Sunday Services and once a fortnight for Wednesday services.  He did this for approximately 10 months.  The Young family then shifted to Whangarei in December, 1977.

While meeting in the Raumanga Intermediate School the church started looking for a permanent location.  Various sections around town were considered, before settling on the purchase of our present property on Maunu Road.  A deposit of $2000 was paid on 21st September, 1978 and the section was purchased.

The church then purchased an old science Lab from the Auckland University, through Dick Holdaway, who moved the building onto the section.  After 13 months of hard work the church had their official grand opening of the new building on 14th October, 1979.  There were 77 in attendance Sunday morning, and 46 in the evening service.  The building now had an entrance foyer, toilets, kitchen and windows. The East Tamaki Church donated the seating for the new building. 

In 1981, the church decided it needed more space.  Plans got under way for a new Sunday School building.  These plans soon became a reality.  On 29th August, 1981 church had the official opening of this addition.  A fellowship meeting was hosted on the Saturday before.  Dr. Collins from Los Angeles was the guest preacher.  There were 114 people in attendance coming from the East Coast Bays, and East Tamaki churches. It was a great day with special singing and preaching from several pastors and Bible students.

In 1984, the church decided it was time to consider building a manse for the pastor’s family.  Construction was done completely by the church members.  It was completed in May 1985.

Since the church’s humble beginning, several men have served as pastors.  They have come from various backgrounds and places.  At times, the church has called upon graduates from the Bible Baptist Institute in Auckland to pastor.  Other men have been called from the United States.  Despite the changes in leadership and various difficulties the church has been forced to endure in it’s forty year history, one thing has remained constant.  Regardless the circumstances, there has always remained a remnant of saints committed to live and obey the Word of God.  It is because of the church’s faithfulness to God’s Word, the church continues today. 

The church’s current pastor, David Smith, was called to pastor the church in January 2014.